Demon (II)

Twisted dead beech tree with boughs reaching upward surrounded by silhouetted ash trees, Chanctonbury Ring West Sussex UK black and white landscape nature ©P. Maton 2019

‘Mother of the woods’
Dead Beech tree near Chanctonbury Ring
West Sussex UK
As I walked up through the woods on the North side of the ridge following a line of ancient Beech trees toward Chanctonbury Ring I came across a large area of felled Ash trees and feared this tree with it’s outstretched boughs may have gone. Since I first photographed this tree in January 2015 what life it had then has since dwindled and the surrounding area is strewn with fragments of dropped branches – many no doubt loosed by the stormy weather over the last few days. While I had hoped to see this tree grow further in the years to come it’s location might mean it was older than it’s size suggests. Despite this it still stands, reaching aloft among the surrounding Ash trees which may not be there for much longer.


View down to dog walkers by trees on access road by Saddlescombe Farm with West Hill in distance seen from hill at the foot of Devil's Dyke West Sussex UK, black and white rural landscape portrait British countryside © P. Maton 2019 Shadow over Saddlescombe

West Sussex UK


Meyer Optik Görlitz Orestor 135mm f/2.8

Zhong Yi Lens Turbo II


Brown and white cow grazing black and white monochrome closeup portrait Edburton Escarpment West Sussex UK ©P. Maton 2018

Brown and white cow grazing colour closeup portrait Edburton Escarpment West Sussex UK ©P. Maton 2018

Edburton Escarpment

West Sussex UK


It’s not often that I find it hard to decide whether I prefer an image in black and white or colour.

Which do you like best?

Cows are gentle, observant and curious creatures, this one calmly munched it’s way over to me as I was taking pictures. She was no doubt wondering what I was doing sitting there and couldn’t resist coming over for a sniff.


Chalk track through sunlit grasses

Nothing moves fast

beside the stream

Alder, Ash and Oak

in the turning grass

while centuries pass 


Mill lane


West Sussex UK