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Man with rugged aged face and long hair blowing in wind. Black and white portrait. Oxfordshire, England UK. © P. Maton 26/12/15

Woman dousing embers in charcoal heap with watering can. Coppice Week, Wildwood, Ashdown Forest, Charcoal Burning, monochrome Portrait. © Peter Maton 2015 eyeteeth.net

6 thoughts on “Home

    1. Thank you for dropping by and taking the time to comment Lee. Much enjoyed your work and look forward to seeing what crosses your path in future. All the best, Peter.


  1. Good evening, brilliant photo’s. I was wondering if you knew if the Woodmancote Deer Park is open to the public or how I could get in touch with them? I can’t find any website or anything.


    1. Hi Alexander, many thanks. The deer enclosure is intersected by several public footpaths and is accessible to anyone. Probably the most convenient place to park is at Woodmancote church, there is a footpath from the north east corner of the graveyard that leads directly into the enclosure.


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