Low water sun reflected in flood water on misty meadow with trees and clouds in background Stratfield Mortimer Berkshire UK black and white portrait composition nature rural countryside documentary photograph ©P. Maton 2018 eyeteeth.net

Flooding near Foundry Brook

Stratfield Mortimer

Berkshire UK


7 thoughts on “Mire

    1. Glad you like it Tim, thank you. There certainly is a wide range in here, I was pleasantly surprised by what lurked in the shadows.


        1. I find there is always a juggling act between pulling shadows and retaining a balanced feel within the image. Too much and it starts to look unnatural, something I hope to avoid. I often start by drawing down the brightest areas and then lifting the whole exposure a bit before adjusting the blacks and whites. After that I’ll work up the dark areas a bit where I think it’s needed. I try to do everything in ACR (or Lightroom) and just use photoshop for selective sharpening and scaling depending on the desired destination.

          It’s not so far from what I used to do in a dark room dodging and burning prints just rather more accurate and generally less time consuming. I guess that’s why I still find black and white images so appealing, there is a lot more flexibility.


          1. My pleasure Tim, that’s the gist of it. I use adjustment brushes and gradients to balance things for the most part and control the blacks, whites and general exposure globally if that makes sense.

            All the best.


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