Beech tree with writhing branches resembling a humanoid form looming over viewer surrounded by trees and reaching to the sky. H. P. Lovecraft's Shub-Niggurath . Chanctonbury Ring Hill, West Sussex UK. Monochrome Landscape. © P. Maton 2015

“The Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young” – H. P. Lovecraft
Chanctonbury Hill
West Sussex UK


View West From Newtimber Hill showing Devils Dyke, Edburton Hill, Chanctonbury Ring and villages of Poynings, Fulking, Edburton  and Steyning. Sounth Downs National Park, Sussex, UK P.Maton 2014

View west.

Newtimber Hill, East Sussex. UK. 24/08/14

Hills: Devils Dyke, Edburton Hill, Chanctonbury Ring.

Villages: Poynings, Faulking, Edburton, Steyning.