Oak tree

Mill Lane


West Sussex UK


4 thoughts on “Lightning

    1. Thanks Tim, a bit of an early experiment that after some practice turned out rather as I was hoping, would have been nice to get a little more light picking out the grass in the foreground but I had to go. My Flash Q trigger ran out of juice shortly after and I forgot there were spares tucked in my bag. More to follow I expect.


      1. Thank you for the story behind the image. Light painting can be a challenge with so many variables – ambient light, background light. intensity of the light, how long you hold the light on the objects, etc. It’s an experiment. I usually carry a couple flashlights with me and have on occasion used the car’s headlights. I’ll look forward to more images. Have fun.

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        1. Despite taking my tripod with me I shot this hand held at ISO1600 and exposed for the sky. I had a flash on a little tripod on the ground, I can see that getting free of the camera and using a long exposure would give freedom to manipulate the lighting rather more. A bit more planning would help next next time. I get little time to take photos so everything is spur of the moment these days. As you allude to, flashlights are probably a better option.


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