Broken plastic garden chair on grassland with dramatic clouds in background Tenantry Down Brighton Sussex UK black and white landscape portrait © P. Maton 2017

Tenantry Down

Sussex UK


8 thoughts on “Seat

  1. This has the same kind of feel of mystery and enigma to it that Emil Gataullin’s photographs have. Nothing of great import seems to be happening but still you are touched in your heart in a way which is both nice and only slightly painful… A good capture

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    1. Thank you very much. There were some great cloud formations that day and I was wandering around looking for something to compliment them when this broken chair came into view. There was a caravan parked here a few months ago and I used to see people sitting out on these chairs next to it, they are long gone but the chairs remain.


    1. Many thanks Tim.
      We all get broken sometimes – the depth of the wound and how long we keep picking the scab make a big difference…


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