Man in wool overcoat with spectacles speaking in bar. Shakespeare's Head Pub Brighton UK. Black and white urban nightlife photography. © P. Maton 2017

Shakespeare’s Head Pub

Brighton UK


6 thoughts on “Serious

    1. Thank you Tim. I pretty much was here, I had half an eye on the back of the camera while talking with him and another person out of frame. I think he thought I was still taking shots of someone off to the left.


        1. Indeed, I sometimes take some shots of a friend while scoping out another subject off to one side hoping to catch them at a natural moment when they think I am aiming elsewhere. Particularly if I’m using a flash in one hand as I did here, after a few shots people pay it less attention – or at least until it becomes annoying…


          1. I don’t always use the flash but it’s nice to keep a low ISO when I can get away with it and of course control the lighting..

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