Jetty and houseboats on Shoreham harbour at the mouth of the River Adur West Sussex UK. Black and white maritime photography. P. Maton 2015

Shoreham Harbour UK


4 thoughts on “Jetty

    1. Thank you Harrie.

      The boat community on the opposite shore of the River Adur to Shoreham town centre is indeed an extraordinary place. So many curious dwellings and hand built features it’s hard to choose what to point ones camera at.


      1. What I sometimes do when I’m on a new, exciting location, that makes me shoot around like a madman, is: put the camera in the bag and just quietly look around for a while and drink a coffee or a beer. Then ‘somehow’ you get familiar with the place; and when you start shooting again, you’ll ‘know where the beauty is’. … Cheers.

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        1. Very good advice indeed. It does take time to get the measure of things on occasion. I will definitely return to this place with more time on my hands.

          All the best.


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