Street lamp and cars taken from pavement level at night. Monochrome Landscape. © P. Maton 2015

Prestonville Road
Brighton UK

8 thoughts on “Streetlevel

    1. Thank you Tim.

      Falling over can have unexpected results, ha ha.

      I’ve had fun trying a few night shots without taking my tripod lately.


          1. I too used to not carry one, then I purchased a used SLIK Sprint Pro II for $60 from a fellow photo club member. It is compact, light and fully extends to 6 feet. It is not designed for high winds or for huge lenses. I use it for my dusk theater marquee shots and works well.

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          2. Thanks for the information.

            Mine is cheap and lightweight but I still don’t bother with it much. I’ll have to take it out more this year I think.

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