Young woman in Leather jacket leans against post next to street with old man reflected in window behind her. Brighton UK. Monochrome landscape. © P. Maton  2014

Kensington Street
Brighton UK

3 thoughts on “Ghost

  1. Had to look what you meant, but I guess it is the man on the left. Well seen!

    Wonderful photo!

    Happy Friday and have a great weekend!
    Kind regards,

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    1. Thank you Tieme,

      I can’t say I actually saw the guy through the viewfinder when I shot this although my subject clearly did, it wasn’t until I looked at the photo on screen that I realised he was there, ha ha.

      Sometimes the picture you get isn’t quite the one you thought you were taking.

      Happy Friday to you too, enjoy the weekend.

      All the best.


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      1. Sometimes you see the best things after post-processing 🙂 That’s why looking through old photos you’ve taken is a nice thing to do 🙂

        Thank you , have a great weekend!

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