Man standing outside Fish & Chip shop as people walk down hill towards Brighton Station at dusk, Trafalgar Street Brighton UK. Colour landscape. © P.Maton 2014 eyeteeth.net

Trafalgar Street

Brighton UK


13 thoughts on “Takeaway

    1. Thank you Tim, I’ve had a few tries at that location when passing but this time with the dusk drawing in and all the lights it worked better than before.


      1. Yes, several, including the beach. First visited in 1984 or 85 when they where redoing the Pavillon (spelling?). It was also April when nothing was going on. Then had the opportunity to return in August 2011. There was a LOT going on then.

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        1. A stone mason friend of mine worked on the exterior restoration of the Pavillion, work on parts of the interior is still ongoing from what I gather.

          Brighton certainly comes to life in the summer months, there is so much to see and do it is hard to keep track of.


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