Hollow brick wall with smashed section looking through to empty space. Monochrome abstract landscape. Patara, Turkey. P.Maton 2014 eyeteeth.net


Patara, Turkey.


2 thoughts on “Occlusion

    1. Thank you, I’m flattered that you find something interest here.

      I appreciate what you say regarding tension & balance (or imbalance sometimes). This brings to mind the teaching of Chris Muir a tutor of mine at art college many years ago, he impressed upon us the importance of paying attention to the edges of an image and the lines that divide up the space as well as the subject itself. We were drawing and painting from life models at the time but the principals never left me, most of us in the class began by drawing ‘floating’ nudes with little or no attention to their surroundings, by the end of the year we were fixing them in space using the interplay of subject and setting to create the tension and balance you write of. Needless to say he was a great influence in the way I see things and approach the construction of ‘bounded images’, sometimes they even work out ok.

      Thanks again for your comments.


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